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Live. Love. Laugh
10 months ago

I am beyond blessed to call Delmanor Northtown my home away from home. Over the last 5 years, I have had an opportunity to work with the most cohesive, compassionate, caring team that give 110% of themselves every day! The residents are incredible individuals who fill my days with programs, events, stories and most of all, their companionship and love. I can not think of a better place to work or a better place for our residents to be and stay engaged, active and live their best lives. Thank you to the amazing team and residents!

Diane Sullivan
a year ago

The general manager, Matt, says it all “we work in our residents’ home” - Delmanor Northtown feels like home. The staff are friendly and go out of their way to make connections with residents and family, and to accommodate your needs. The suites and amenities are well-designed and well maintained. And a special acknowledgment of the care and concern demonstrated during the initial COVID-19 lockdown and ongoing to keep residents safe and healthy, and to keep family informed. I would definitely recommend Delmanor Northtown to anyone looking to downsize and join a warm and inviting retirement community.

Rebecca Sullivan
2 years ago

This is a vibrant, caring community that treats its residents with the utmost respect. Throughout the pandemic, the staff went above and beyond public health guidelines to ensure everyone stayed safe while doing all they could to minimize feelings of isolation and loneliness. Communication with residents and their family members was exemplary. They have inviting common areas, a wide range of programs, very good menu, and wonderful staff who always greet you with a smile.

Sandy McDermott
2 years ago

Our mother has been a Delmanor Northtown resident for ten years and is now in her late 90s. We appreciate the evolving care she has received during this time to accommodate age related health challenges. While there have been frustrations with elevator issues, we have been consistently appreciative of the outstanding covid safety protocols that the staff have undertaken, keeping all residents safe. Thank you Delmanor team!

Michele Yeates
2 years ago

I thought I would update my review . My father died in may 2021 at the age of 98 peacefully at Delmanor . My mother had died the year before in April . The last few years were very tough as they were both not very well . I am grateful for the care they both received there . Delmanor was my home away from home . It was my escape in some ways from my busy life . I will always remember the years my parents spent there and the happy and sad times . I was very grateful to get both my vaccines there due to being an essential caregiver . Thanks again to all the staff that helped with my fathers care and kept him safe in the pandemic .

Marybeth Convery
2 years ago

A beautiful building in a great location, a wide variety of activities, wonderful food- all of these things attracted my mom to Delmanor Northtown. However, after moving in she discovered the most important thing about her new home- the amazing, kind, caring, compassionate staff. Almost 7 years after she died, Matt the manager emailed me to say they came across her smiling face recently while looking at photos, and still speak of her. He said she left an impression on them, but they should know of the impression her Northtown family left on us. There are lots of things to look for in a retirement home, but the special people working at Northtown truly made a difference in the last years of mom's life. It says a lot that many of the same team are still there.

Super Shaeri
2 years ago

My daughter and I went for tours and lunches at at least 5 residences in Toronto from Lake Ontario to City Limits. When I entered Northtown I knew this was the right place for me to live. The staff is A1 and sincerely care and watch over us. Matt Ross, general manager, does a superb job as choosing and hiring the best. I have been here since March 2020 and now Pandemic, and this is the best place for me. I am truly happy with how well I am doing here at Delmanor Northtown. I look forward to many more happy and healthy times here.

Delamnor Northtown has been a great supporter of North York Seniors Centre. We are pleased to have this retirement home as a long-standing partner in helping to keep seniors actively engaged in our community.

Sue Gibbs
3 years ago

My parents moved into Delmanor Northtown over 8-9 years ago, my father is still there. I can't speak highly enough of this residence. The premises are beautifully appointed and maintained, and the food is very good. But, for me, the biggest and most important asset is the team of people working there. From the first interview visit with myself and my parents, they made us feel noticed and welcomed. They genuinely enjoy their residents, and are appropriately warm and affectionate with both residents and families. There have been very few changes in the staff over the 8-9 years which offers important stability for older people. We've had occasion to utilize the onsite nursing staff on a regular basis and their empathy and commitment cannot be overstated. The communication from management is regular, friendly, prompt and on point. I'd be happy to offer a personal recommendation to anyone who is interested in this residence.

spasija turnbull
2 years ago

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work for Delmanor Northtown for over 9 years. It has been said time and time again; Northtown is special. One of the things that I believe makes Northtown so special is that not only do we love and care about our residents, but we love and care about each other as a team and it shows. Each department is highly organized and works together seamlessly with one common goal: ensuring that we deliver the best care to our residents. Whether one is looking to become a part of the team or to have a loved one become a part of the community, I could not recommend this place enough.

Dianne Fair
2 years ago

Delmanor was my mom’s Home for the last nine years of her life. It was the next best thing to living in a neighbourhood with lifelong friends. The kindness, consideration and care that was provided during her final years, were nothing but exceptional. The Delmanor community, residents and staff, provided an enriched space where friends were made and interests explored and shared. The thing I appreciated most was that my mom felt valued, appreciated and loved at Delmanor. What more can one ask for.?❤️

Jan Sims
3 years ago

Delmanor Northtown has been an amazing experience for my mother. The staff is wonderful, caring and attentive. She's made many new friends, and the activities are first rate. Too bad there are only 5 stars to award in this review!

Cheryl Tutton
3 years ago

My father moved to Delmanor Northtown approximately 3 years ago after we researched and visited 9 other retirement residences and the Delmanor community has continued to live up to its reputation of being a friendly, active place to live. The activities and trips are wide and varied. The staff is friendly and happy and go out of their way to ensure everyone has what they need and encouraging everyone to get involved. This attitude is seen in every level. If you do require some additional medical care, the nurses and staff are wonderful and if an emergency does occur, they respond extremely quickly. My Dad had a fall in the shower and he pushed his alert button and they were there within a minute, quickly assessed him for injuries and then stayed to ensure he was safe as he finished his shower, dressed and was safely in a comfortable chair before they left. They also checked on him throughout the day. Now with COVID-19, Delmanor Northtown has really shone. Steps were quickly taken to ensure the health of the staff and residence. Although everyone is eating in their suites and all activities are cancelled, the staff is working tirelessly to make sure no one feels alone. They are delivering their meals promptly with no compromise in meal quality or variety. A weekly booklet is delivered full of fun facts, various activities and puzzles, exercises to do in their suites as well as mediation and journaling opportunities. The management is sending weekly letters to families to keep us updated on how things are going and making sure all the residents are informed promptly of how things are developing. They are doing whatever they can to reassure residents and families during this unprecedented time. If you are looking for a retirement community, Delmanor Northtown should be at the top of your list.

Janice B
3 years ago

It has been four weeks since my mom of 94 years has been welcomed into your community. Within two days, she said this felt like home to her. This, from a lady who never wanted to leave her home. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. There is a family feeling here that we didn't experience anywhere else. The suites are beautiful, as are the common areas of the building. My mother is really quite picky with food but loves it here. Even with the Covid situation, the staff has adapted and kept the atmosphere very upbeat, doing sing songs in the hallways, surprise snack packages to rooms, just to mention a few. The recreation is being brought back into the daily routine slowly and cautiously with small groups and social distancing, always with the residents well being in mind. I feel my mom is in good and safe hands, and, most importantly, SHE feels safe and in good hands, too. Thank you to all the Delmanor Northtown staff!

Josie Erzetic
3 years ago

I cannot praise the management and staff at Delmanor Northtown enough for the exceptional care they have taken of my mother and of all the residents. The staff is dedicated, positive and engaging. Never has this been more important than over the past 4 months during the pandemic. Staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that my mom was well cared-for, was able to see her family via FaceTime by helping her with an iPad, was engaged in activities to the extent it was possible and, most of all, was safe. At every step of the COVID19 crisis, Delmanor was responding quickly and with the utmost care, including by ensuring adequate PPE as well as appropriate health and safety protocols. Delmanor Northtown, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking such good care of my mom, all the residents and employees!

Silvana Azzolini
3 years ago

We cannot thank the staff enough at Delmanor Northtown for what they do every day for their residents. The moment we stepped foot into Delmanor last year to take a tour, we knew it was "the" place for our parents. Navigating through this pandemic has been a challenge, but the staff go above and beyond to make sure the residents are their top priority in everything they do. Honestly, it is such a relief to know that our parents couldn't be in a better place!

3 years ago

My band had the good fortune of performing at Delmanor. The staff was superb -- very professional, helpful, and kind (they even fed us a wonderful lunch!). The facilities were fantastic and the guests seemed extremely happy and comfortable. Thanks again!

Kelvin Li
2 years ago

The team at Delmanor Northtown is very professional and awesome to work with. Without a doubt, they truly care about what you need and goes above and beyond to make sure we had all the information required. Thank you very much to everyone at Delmanor Northtown.

clara alvarez
2 years ago

I feel very blessed to be part of such wonderful team, It has been 9 years of growing in compassion, patience and caring for one another; I truly love my Delmanor Northtown family and specially all my grandmas and grandpas!

Elizabeth Wells
2 years ago

Christie (Chapin) was so very helpful when we were considering Del Manor for my ninety three year old mother. She answered my questions promptly and accurately. She was also very concerned for my mother’s well being and provided names of services to help her at home while we waited to get her in. Thank you Christie for all your help.

Joy Morassutti
3 years ago

safe, clean environment. Exceptionally friendly and supportive staff. Wonderful activities on site and off. I'm so glad my mother chose Delmanor at Northtown!

Connie Bird
3 years ago

Beautifully decorated, bright, Dutch clean, cool recreation programs and nice to have washer and dryer in the suite. Staff were lovely and professional

Ali Visram
3 years ago

White glove service! Impeccably maintained and extremely friendly staff.

Matt Ross
3 years ago

I have been privileged to work for such an outstanding organization for more than 11 years!

6 years ago

High end. Very expensive.

Judy Postello
5 years ago

Great location and beautiful facilities,

Thank You